The Vita Verde brand is an exclusive brand that was born with the desire to bring fresh, tasty and high quality Italian vegetable’s to the consumers’ table, and, at the same time, satisfy the various needs of the customers for a healthy life. For this reason, all the types of mixed and single variety salads are selected from the best Italian producers and are available washed and unwashed, as well as from organic farming. The hole year around Vita Verde Salads you can find trough hole Europe. In supermarkets, fruit and vegetables stores and restaurants.
Vita Verde serve the highest quality and we are proud of it. Our farms are all global gab certificated and our packing fabric is also certificated:
ISO 22005
CERTIFICATO DI CONFORMITA’ – PRODOTTO BIOLOGICO (Conformity Certificate – Organic Product)
The Company
Vita Verde Company is founded in 2013 the ambition of the company to provide the World the from Fresh Italian salads and vegetable’s. We want that our clients could taste the Fresh and healthy Italian kitchen and let them see to life the healthy life. The first shipments of Vita Verde where so good that quickly our clients from all of Europe requested not only salads but all high quality vegetables and fruits form Italian soil.

And now 2016 we provide through our office in Holland and Italy the whole range of salads and Italian vegetables directly from Italy for all kind of clients in Europe Super markets, whole sale and restaurants. We provide mix pallets and mix truck. And give that extra quality and service.
Production and packaging, Storage and warehousing, Greenhouses for flower production